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Related article: that most round arm bowlers bowled on the on-side as a rule, taking as much room as they could, by keeping the right foot behind the bowler's crease, as near as might be within the return crease, the bowler's arm would be on an average two feet beyond return crease — i.e., about five feet from the wickets. Let them stick a peg in the ground two Order Vpxl Online feet beyond return crease — i.e., increase bowler's crease in length by two feet for the purpose of measurement ; tie a piece of tape to that peg and carry the end of the tape down to the leg stump of batsman's wicket, and remem- ber that any ball pitching within the area between that tape-line ■and the eight-inch ribbon of turf between wicket and wicket, and which would have hit the wicket by " break " or otherwise, would have to be guarded by the bats only. Let them ask themselves — " How should Buy Vpxl we like now to have a ( greased lightning ' ball fairly bowled — not pounded down on a hard wicket — which would skim the ground, and come in a shooter, or break in and take the wicket half stump high, with nothing to help us but a bat four and a quarter inches wide ? " I had made for me a diagram of a cricket ground, with the stumps at each end, Vpxl Online and the space be- tween the wickets twenty-two inches in length — in fact, on the scale of an inch to a yard. I sec off five feet (by scale) from what would be the batsman's outer stump at bowler's wicket, mea- sured along bowler's crease, and from the end of the line drew a straight line from what would be the inner stump at batsman s wicket. I had my diagram mounted and framed, and put it in the dressing-room of the Oval ; but it was not there long. I expect some did not like " the skeleton in the cupboard " being always before them. There never was a law with the words "from bowler's hand to wicket " in it, but it was the uni- versal interpretation of the l.b.w. law formerly, in proof whereof any one may enquire of Mr. William Nicholson, treasurer of Lord's ; Mr. Harvey Fellows, of Rickmansworth ; Mr. George Yonge, the Castle, Winchester; or write to W\ P. Pickering (Bull Pickering), Canadian Pacific Railway, Vancouver's Island, Canada, and Purchase Vpxl Online they can rely on the authority of those, who were some of the best amateur cricketers of any age who played in Gentlemen and Players as wicket-keeper, bowlers and field of over fifty years ago, till late in the fifties. F. G, 1899.] 285 The Sportsman's Library. The periodical reappearance of Stonehenge's classic * has come to be regarded as a matter of course. It is nearly forty years since Dr. Walsh gave the world his " Horse in the Stable and the Field," and now we have the fifteenth edition of the work from the able hands of Mr. Harold Leeney, M.R.C.V.S. Some im- portant additions have been made to the text in the new issue. Mr. Wilfrid Blunt and Miss Dillon have contributed an excellent chapter on Arabs in England : Lrord Arthur Cecil and Sir Buy Vpxl Online Walter Gilbey have been laid under con- tribution for some valuable de- tails, historical and otherwise, concerning our heavy breeds of horses; and, curious rather than important from the insular point of view, Slatin Pasha gives some information about the horseflesh of the Soudan. The veterinary department in a book of this character is of course the one in which the hand of the revisor must be busiest, and Mr. Leeney has included all that is most recent in the Order Vpxl teachings of his profession. There are a few statements in the original which might Cheap Vpxl perhaps have been made the subject of correctional notes. The day is past when it was correct to say that " extravagant knee action is considered essential to a perfect turn out." More practical ideas of harness action have obtained acceptance, and the horse that lifts his knee nearly to his chin and sets his foot down almost on the spot whence he lifted it is now, happily, seldom seen. The date of the Darley Arabian's despatch - * ** Buy Cheap Vpxl Stondhenge on the Horse." Fifteenth edition, Edited by Harold Leeney, M.R.C.V.S. Rout- VOL. LXXI. — NO. 47O. from Aleppo was December, 1705, and this well-known fact might have been substituted for the general statement that the horse " must have been imported be- tween the years 1700 and 1715." The difference between the powers of the English thoroughbred and the Arab on the Indian turf are greater than they were thirty or forty years ago, thanks to the importation into India nowadays of a better class of English horse. An allowance of from 14 to 21 lbs. brought the Arab and the very moderate thoroughbred together at one time, but the scale of weights now prescribed by the Calcutta Turf Club shows the weight allotted an Arab never less than three stone below that carried by an English competitor. These, however, are minor defects, which do nothing to impair the very great value of a book which has held its own against powerful competition for more than a generation. Little has occurred Generic Vpxl in the non- sporting divisions of the canine world during the last five years to compel important alteration in Mr. Rawdon Lee's well-known work,* but as the original edition is, we believe, out of print, a re- issue of this deservedly popular dog-book brings its own welcome. The chief novelties are notes on three more or less distinguished strangers — a Pekinese spaniel and two Mexican dogs — whose por- traits also are added to the admirable series in the book. " The Purchase Vpxl Great Horse " t (second edition) is the title of a little book which possesses much more than * " Modem Dogs " (Non -sporting). New edition. Rawdon B. Lee. Horace Cox. I" The Great Horse." Second edition, by Sir Walter Gilbey, Bart, Vinton & Co. as. 20 286 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April